Tyrell / No Agenda

Faction: Tyrell

Agenda: None

Plots (7)

1x A Noble Cause (Core Set)
1x Building Orders (Core Set)
1x Calling the Banners (Core Set)
1x Calm Over Westeros (Core Set)
1x Confiscation (Core Set)
1x Filthy Accusations (Core Set)
1x Summons (Core Set)

Characters (32)

2x Varys (Core Set)
3x Left (Core Set)
3x Margaery Tyrell (Core Set)
3x Paxter Redwyne (Core Set)
3x Randyll Tarly (Core Set)
3x Right (Core Set)
3x The Knight of Flowers (Core Set)
3x The Queen of Thorns (Core Set)
2x Courtesan of the Rose (Core Set)
3x Garden Caretaker (Core Set)
2x Wardens of the Reach (Core Set)
2x Arbor Knight (Taking the Black)

Locations (15)

3x The Kingsroad (Core Set)
3x The Roseroad (Core Set)
2x Highgarden (Core Set)
1x The Mander (Core Set)
3x Rose Garden (Core Set)
2x Pleasure Barge (Taking the Black)
1x Street of the Sisters (Taking the Black)

Attachments (3)

1x Seal of the Hand (Core Set)
1x Little Bird (Core Set)
1x Heartsbane (Core Set)

Events (11)

2x Tears of Lys (Core Set)
2x The Hand’s Judgment (Core Set)
3x Growing Strong (Core Set)
2x Olenna’s Cunning (Core Set)
2x Support of the People (Taking the Black)