Greyjoy / Sun

Faction: Greyjoy

Agenda: Banner of the Sun

Plot (7)

1x  A Clash of Kings
1x  A Noble Cause
1x  Calling the Banners
1x  Confiscation
1x  Filthy Accusations
1x  Marched to the Wall
1x  Wildfire Assault

Character (31)

1x  Aeron Damphair
1x  Alannys Greyjoy
2x  Asha Greyjoy
3x  Balon Greyjoy
3x  Bastard Daughter
2x  Desert Scavenger
1x  Dornish Paramour
1x  Drowned Men
1x  Edric Dayne
1x  Euron Crow’s Eye
3x  Iron Islands Fishmonger
1x  Littlefinger
2x  Lordsport Shipwright
1x  Maester Caleotte
1x  Maester Wendamyr
2x  Nymeria Sand
1x  Syrio Forel
2x  The Reader
2x  Theon Greyjoy

Location (20)

3x  Great Kraken
3x  Iron Fleet Scout
2x  Raiding Longship
3x  Sea Tower
1x  Sunspear
3x  The Kingsroad
3x  The Roseroad
2x  The Seastone Chair

Event (9)

2x  Confinement
1x  Risen from the Sea
1x  Support of the People
1x  Tears of Lys
1x  The Hand’s Judgment
2x  The Kraken’s Grasp
1x  We Do Not Sow