Player Map

Anyone can add a pin for either a store or a player. To add a pin, go to “Additions” in the top right and click “Add Marker – Detailed”.

To add a PLAYER, make sure the marker color is RED. For the “Entry Name” put your real name, forum handle, or both. For address, you can get as detailed as your exact address if you want, or just put the street name without your house number, or you can just put your city or area code. Then on the “Details” tab you can add an email address or other contact info.

To add a STORE, make sure the marker color is GREEN. For the “Entry Name” put the name of the store. Add the exact street address. Then under the “Details” tab you can add contact info for the store. I also recommend adding contact info for your meta in the Description box, such as a Facebook group or forum url.


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