Kingslayer Finals Video Coverage

Thronerunner over on Youtube was awesome enough to put up video commentary of the Kingslayer finals match. Check it out below and follow him on Youtube!


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The White Book S6E1- 211

Episode 211- Cast: Will, Kyle, Tommy and John. New name, new rules! This week the guys chat about the changes and about prepping for the Kingslayer event at GenCon. Music: Spinozar 00:11:45 Tyrell Preview 00:27:35 2ED Rules 00:52:20 Kingslayer 01:10:35 …

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The White Book- Beta 01

The White Book- Beta 01

Hello all and welcome to the beta test episode of The White Book podcast. I’m Will, sometimes known as Kennon. As some of you may know, we started in 2010 as 2 Champs and a Chump. Over the years that …

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