The How & the Why of It: Is Summer 2019 Bara’s Chance to Shine?

Hey everyone! After a break, Roy is back with *another* video about House Baratheon! August has been a good month of stags and the Baratheon brothers. Bara placed well at GenCon 2019 and took the big prize home at the stacked field of German Nationals. Could this finally be the moment you should be playing yellow cards?

In about an hour Roy goes over the current meta and how it creates a space for Bara to have real success. He then goes over two successful Bara (published) builds: Hanno’s German Nats winning list and Bretton Reis’s top 16 GenCon. Roy looks at the tools their packing to answer a field field with overpowered Greyjoy Prince decks and degenerate Shadows control builds.

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Things I mention in this video:
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Hanno’s German Nats list:

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