The How & the Why of It: The State of Baratheon in Game of Thrones Second Edition (Spring 2019)

Hey everyone! House Baratheon remains one of the most popular factions in Game of Thrones: the Living Card Game (Second Edition) but also one of the least competitive. In the wake of a less than amazing performance for the faction at ThronesWAR 2019 and Jesse’s Name Day II, many Thrones players are asking can the house of the Stormlords be saved? With their faction box right around the corner, now is the time to revisit the question of Baratheon’s place in the current meta.

In just over 45 minutes, Roy explores the history of Bara’s place in the competitive joust meta, its strengths, and weaknesses, and explores what he considers to be the best choice for people who desperately want to play yellow cards in 2019 – Bara Alliance to Banner Rose and Trading with the Qohor. We take a deep dive in that deck, how it ticks, what it’s synergies are, and where it struggles. Hopefully, you’re a die hard Bara fan you’ll find plenty useful here to help you succeed with your favorite faction during regional season!

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Things I mention in this video:
Hanno’s Stahleck Bara Rose Qohor List:

FFG’s Bara Box Spoilers: &

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