The How & the Why of It: Surviving the Sea of Blood Meta (Winter/Spring 2019)

Hey everyone! The winter of 2019 has been dominated by the presence of the hot new agenda from the Greyjoy deluxe box – Sea of Blood. In the wake of both ThronesWAR 2019 and Jesse’s Name Day II, Roy explores his take on current midrange meta fundamentally shaped by military challenges and tempo events. This video asks: what’s the best way to survive the Sea of Blood meta?

In just under 40 minutes, we discuss where the meta sits at early spring 2019, where the major archetypes rest in relation to one another, and then go over two decks well positioned to take to your first regional of the season – GJ Sea of Blood and Stark Crossing. We look at how those decks work, how they play, and how they relate to one another and the broader meta.

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Things I mention in this video:
Martozar’s GJ SoB:

War of the Faiths winning list:

Deck archetype video:

Deck levels video:

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