The How & The Why of It: Deck Archetypes in Game of Thrones Second Edition

Hey, everyone! Looking at decks through the heuristic of “archetypes” – general strategies and gameplans executed across similar decks – is a powerful way to approach play card games. It gives players the ability to quickly process decklists, their opponents faction/agenda choices, and to develop stock game plans that can be executed across matches and tournaments.

This just over one hour video goes through the 5 deck archetypes in Game of Thrones: the Card Game – midrange/tempo, aggro, rush, control, and combo. It provides a general overview of how each plays, their strengths, and weaknesses, and how the stack up against one another. This video will hopefully help you level up your game by providing you the tools necessary to develop your deck(s) gameplan no matter the opposition!

Things I discuss in this video:
The White Book episode about deck archetypes:

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