GenCon Melee News

Hey all, we have some bad news and some good news about GenCon.

Bad News – FFG has finally confirmed that there are NO Melee elimination rounds.This is unfortunate, but at perhaps a step up from the “is there or isn’t there” question of last year.

Good News – The White Book in conjunction with Wars to Come and Second Sons are stepping up in a rush to hold our own community run Top 16 so that we can name a truly North American Continental Champion.

We’ve got a crack team of melee enthusiasts such as myself, Roy Rogers, Jesse Carpenter, and Collin Weir ready to try to step in and make things run as smoothly as possible.

And even on short notice, we have the following prizes to help out:

Top 16 – Full set of AGoT.Cards promos and The White Book Soccer House Cards.

Top 4 – Full set of NY promos provided by Roy Rogers

Champion – Trophy, bragging rights, and free entry to US Nationals as well!

Also, huge props to Michael Lamezec as always for his fantastic logo work on short notice.

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