New to the Show? New to the Game? : A TWB Guide

Hey all, I know the game is going through an influx of new blood at the moment with the recent unfortunate announcement of the end of Android: Netrunner. There have been several folks asking for good starting points and information, so I’ve gone back through a bunch of our old episodes hunting for the highlights that would be best to direct new players toward. Sure, there are our standby 222 and 295 new player episodes, but also a selection of other general topics that may even be good for existing player to revisit.


Episode 222

Our original new player starter episode. The card pool has expanded a lot since then, but there are still a lot of solid concepts and Core Set cards discussed.


Episode 295

Vastly updated new player episode on deckbuilding complete with buying guide. Though even that guide now is a few months old.


Episode 334

The classic agro/control/combo trifecta has never really broken down quite as cleanly as it does for MtG, but we spend some time discussing how to approach it in AGOT and whether rush or tempo are separate deck concepts in our game.


Episode 328

The use of resets is an integral part of AGOT in a way that it isn’t in other card games due to the on demand nature of plots. This episode discusses a wide variety of available resets and their various tradeoffs.


Episode 327

Our most recent “live” deckbuild episode. A bit dated on cardpool now, but a useful listen for various deck building concerns.


Episode 309

Since the default format for AGOT does not have a sideboard system, silver bullets and “sideboarding” can take a bit of a different form. In this episode, we chat about what that looks like in AGOT.


Episode 300

This landmark episode features our most recent interview with the current designer of the game and a throwback to our initial interview with GRRM all those years ago.


Episode 283

Some of you may be familiar with Quadrant Theory, which rates cards based on how well it performs in various stages of a game. Here, we adapt it to AGOT and analyze a few cards.


Episode 280

In another theory oriented episode, we chat about study and shortcutting to help you make the best decisions possible on the fly.


Episode 258

We chat with the 2016 NA Champ and interview the head of FFG’s Organized Play, Zach Reyburn. This should be interesting to revisit and see how things have progressed in 2 years.


Episode 239

Audio quality isn’t great on this one but the discussion on tournament prep and matching plots with the right deck along with some of the best players to play the game is a treat.


Episode 235

Another great chat with past greats about one of the most unique aspects of the game, plots. Even though the pool was obviously much smaller then, there’s still some good stuff to be found here.


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