Regarding US Nationals 2018

Hey guys, Will here.

I wanted to take a moment and get out in front of things with an announcement this time around. I want to let the community know that we have even more big news for US Nationals 2018. The big news is, we hear you. Scheduling events during the summer months can be quite the task from working around conventions, to fan events, to regionals, and probably some things that I’m forgetting. Compressing the timeframe to line it up with the previously scheduled First Player Championship was a lot to ask of the community, so we hear you.

Henceforth, I’d like to announce a shift in dates. US Nationals for A Game of Thrones will be held during Labor Day weekend, September 1-3 instead. We’ll kick things off with Joust on Saturday the 1st, Melee on Sunday the 2nd, and we’ve listened to the community here as well, a Rookery side event on Monday the 3rd!

I do want to apologize to anyone who has been planning for the trip to Missouri over the past few days. We didn’t make the original announcement nor this change lightly, and we truly believe that this alteration has the best chance of allowing the most people to have an amazing weekend of Thrones. That said, there will still be a First Player Championship on Memorial Day weekend. It will still feature Joust and Melee, and FFG has generously mentioned that they will still be able to help with some prize support.

But back to Nationals! Visit to sign up! We have a limited amount of early bird pricing to allow a discount for those who are able to move quickly. Metgames has space for 100+ participants and is located just off Hwy 65 for easy access. I’m also privileged to announce that the judge team will be pretty stellar for this, consisting of Carl Morgan, our store rep, who has years of experience in the industry and who you may recognize as one of the driving forces behind War Machine Weekend a Warmahordes minis convention and tournament that is entering it’s 15th year that runs 500-600 attendees. Also, Kevin Tomczyk, who folks may recognize as the OG rules lawyer of the game and a tournament organizer who has been in charge of numerous regional, national, and continental events. And finally, Greg Atkinson, two time AGOT World champ, whose name you may recognize from cards such as Flea Bottom and Knights of the Hollow Hill.

We’ll have more announcements to come for sure, but I wanted to reach out to you all and let you know that times are good for Thrones with a lot of news lately and a renewed level of communication from FFG.

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you at Meta-Games Unlimited!

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