The White Book S9E18– 329

This week Team Kingsguard (Will and Scott) are joined by Jesse to chat Canadian Nats, bad news about US Nats, and Scott’s winning Starpike deck. Note, this was recorded pre-restricted list announcement.   Music by Spinozar.   Podcast: Play in …

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The White Book S9E17– 328

White Book Podcast

This week Team Hedge Knight (Will, Aaron, Roy, and Jesse) give out our first new Patreon reward and spend some time talking reset cards including which ones qualify and how to utilize their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Music …

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The White Book S9E16– 327

White Book Podcast

This week Team Kingsguard (Will, Tommy, and Scott) get out ahead of things and construct a Martell deck utilizing previewed cards from The Sands of Dorne.

Music by Spinozar

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The White Book S9E15– 326

White Book Podcast

Do be warned, this episode is a bit more language heavy than usual. Also, there’s more talking at the same time as other hosts than standard. Please bear with us while we work on getting into a rhythm with new …

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