First Player Championship and more!

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in for a moment to tell you all how grateful I am to have such awesome friends and fans during this difficult time. I hope we’ll be back to producing episodes for you soon.


As well, I wanted to chat about the First Player Championship. This is a premier fan run event that we’re kicking off in Springfield, MO on May 26-28. Now, we are aware now that this date does conflict with the recently announced FFG Regional dates. We’ve done some hard debating and looking at things on our end and due to a number of factors, we feel that the best option is to forge ahead with the event as planned. So that said, be on the lookout for further updates! We’ll be posting

So that said, be on the lookout for further updates! We’ll be posting more prize updates soon, but the broad overview is that there will be new First Player tokens for participants, top 4 playmats for both the Joust and Melee events, custom trophy deck boxes for the winners of each event, an entry to AGOT Nationals and the ETX convention for the Joust winner and artwork feature on an upcoming White Book First Player token for the Melee winner. There are a few more prizes in the works for door prizes and the like, so tune back in for more.

Entry to the events can be purchased through our web store and the sale on entry has been extended for an additional couple of weeks.

Be sure to follow the Facebook event page.

Cookout at Will’s – May 26th

Joust – May 27th

Melee – May 28th

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