The White Book S8E18 – 288

White Book Podcast

This week, Will chats finances, Patreon, and a special Alliance deck build. Music by Spinozar. Check out the First Player Championship event page and purchase your entry through our web store. Patreon Alliance Build Podcast: Play in new window | …

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The White Book S8E17 – 287

This week, Will, Roy, and Luke chat spoilers, introduce a segment on Wheels Within Wheels (bluffing and more), and hype upcoming events. Music by Spinozar. Check out the First Player Championship event page at the link and purchase your entry …

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The White Book S8E16 – 286

White Book Podcast

The White Book returns with a chapter pack review, this time with Will, Roy, and Aaron talking about the first pack in the new cycle –  All Men Are Fools! Music by Spinozar! Join the Discord chat group! Podcast: Play …

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The White Book S8E15 – 285

White Book Podcast

Hope this one sounds alright! We just got the file back from the editors. I hadn’t had the chance to give it a proof listen, but wanted to hurry and get it out there for you all. This week, Will …

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Plot Rehab: The King’s Peace

You know the feeling. You’re building a new deck, excited to try out some new ideas, and you’ve built your cool new plot deck… except you’ve forgotten that one plot that you always need to include. Oh, and that one …

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