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THE WHITE BOOK S7E42 – 266 – The White Book


Sorry, for the delay, folks. The last few days have seen me spending every spare moment I can manually disabling plugins by FTP trying to narrow down where the problem is. We seem to be back to being able to access the site now, so this week, I’ll slowly begin adding other bits of functionality back.

Thank you for your patience.

This week Team Glory (Will and Tommy) discuss the 10.10 FAQ and do a live draft on air with a new feature of the website!
Music by Spinozar

Check out our new draft feature here. It’s also in the menu under Organized Play.

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1 thought on “THE WHITE BOOK S7E42 – 266”

  1. Also, here’s the deck that Tommy and I drafted.

    GREYJOY : Banner of the Wolf
    Building Orders : 1x
    Close Call : 1x
    Marched to the Wall : 2x
    Sneak Attack : 1x
    Taxation : 1x
    The Winds of Winter : 1x
    Drowned God’s Blessing : 1x (TS)
    Fishing Net : 3x (TKP)
    Aeron Damphair : 3x (Core)
    Balon Greyjoy : 3x (Core)
    Euron Crow’s Eye : 2x (Core)
    Iron Islands Fishmonger : 2x (Core)
    Lordsport Shipwright : 2x (Core)
    Maester Wendamyr : 1x (Core)
    Priest of the Drowned God : 2x (NMG)
    Raider from Pyke : 1x (CoW)
    Salty Navigator : 2x (Core)
    The Reader : 1x (TRtW)
    Risen from the Sea : 1x (Core)
    The Kraken’s Grasp : 1x (Core)
    Great Kraken : 1x (Core)
    Pyke : 1x (AtSK)
    Raiding Longship : 1x (TRtW)
    Sea Tower : 2x (Core)
    The Seastone Chair : 1x (TtB)
    Bodyguard : 1x (Core)
    Milk of the Poppy : 1x (Core)
    Seal of the Hand : 1x (Core)
    Littlefinger : 1x (Core)
    Rattleshirt’s Raiders : 1x (Core)
    Syrio Forel : 1x (TRtW)
    Wildling Scout : 1x (NMG)
    Support of the People : 1x (TtB)
    Tears of Lys : 1x (Core)
    The Iron Throne : 1x (Core)
    The Kingsroad : 3x (Core)
    Ward : 1x (TS)
    Arya Stark : 2x (Core)
    Bran Stark : 3x (Core)
    Greatjon’s Vanguard : 3x (CoW)
    Jon Snow : 1x (WotN)
    Jory Cassel : 1x (WotN)
    Sansa Stark : 2x (Core)
    Septa Mordane : 1x (TS)
    Winterfell Steward : 2x (Core)

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