Green Dreamers, Episode 2: Targ-Lion vs. Greyjoy-LotC

by Luke Wortley (eldub)

This week’s featured matchup on Green Dreamers features two more meta decks — two decks you must be prepared for in a tournament. Both decks are extremely aggressive, with Targ-Lion relying heavily on military attrition with some targeted kill and Greyjoy-LotC focusing on targeted removal and power rush.

This episode features excellent breakdown of early, mid-, and late game distinctions, as well as full visuals of players’ hands as well as plot decks. Also, the commentary features a great resource that we should all pay special attention to: play mistakes.

Unfortunately we won’t be posting decklists for this current episode.

Yall take care now.

Targaryen-Banner of the Lion (Zach Tarantelli) vs. Greyjoy-The Lord of the Crossing (Tyler Hockman)

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