Another Indeterminate Number of Thoughts on Thrones…

by Aaron Glazer (PulseGlazer)

So, it’s that time again where I forget to get an article* so Aaron throws some crap together. Here are his immediate and silly Thrones thoughts.

*Editor’s Note: Yeah, this week was my bad. The last time, someone missed a deadline.**

**And, let’s be honest, you’d much rather hear Aaron’s thoughts on Thrones than mine…

1. Saturday was A Dance With Dragons, and our build group dominated with 6 of the top 8 decks (built by Darknoj and yours truly, tweaked by everyone), and the top two decks for every house we represented – Targaryen (1, top), Stark (2, top 8 both), Baratheon (1 that played through the tournament, one who got ill and dropped), Lannister (2 in the cut) and Greyjoy (2, 1 in cut, 1 out at 4-2).

2. We didn’t play Tyrell – Tyrell is bad. They don’t interact with opponents enough and don’t do enough to benefit themselves to make up for it. And Greyjoy eats Arbor builds.

3. We didn’t play Night’s Watch. Dan almost did — mini-curve — but that isn’t competitive. Defense is solid, but one kill through, say Ice for example, and it’s going to be a long, long game. Sorry, Joe.

4. We didn’t play Martell. I think something may be there, but I haven’t found anything competitive to date.

5. Stark is T1. Rush is legit out of Crossing. Tempo is great out of Fealty. They’re hard to get right, but we’re there.

6. Old Cat vs. New is tough for me. New Cat is amazing in either a Blackfish deck (standing in challenges, huge strength) or a Sacrifice deck (gaining a ton of power). I like both of those options, but Stark is very high cost. And Old Cat is great protection. But Stark is great at protection already. But you can’t have enough protection. I keep going both ways, here.

7. Ward may change the last sentence. It’s going to be really hard to go 3 of any 4-coster or less who can take attachments.

8. Greyjoy is really good. They’re close, but Dan did so well with them because he outplayed everyone, including Darknoj. Sean Emberly is genuinely really good and wasn’t as able to. The moral? You’d better have not only a great build, but be an amazing player if you expect to win with Greyjoy.

9. Dan Strouhal, by the way, is one of the 5-10 best players in the world. If we can get him to play a good deck at Gen Con, you’re all screwed.

10. Lannister remains the best, but has three distinct builds. We played two. The aggro/kill version with Dragon won the day, piloted by Pat Haynes. His tweaks were immaculate. Alex B played a more tempo deck with Lannister Sun. Those are super different in the way they are built and handle, though plots are largely similar. The third type is, of course, jumper, which remains T1, but wasn’t played in NY.

11. Lannister remains the house to beat, but it is absolutely beatable. Just build to be sure to do so. If you can’t, then just play Lannister.

12. Targaryen is the real darkhorse. People are learning how to use Mirri and when, how to use Danny and when. Do they both go in the same deck? I still can’t decide! Funeral Pyre (and Shadowblack) makes life so much easier for them).

13. Baratheon kicks ass. It has so many builds, but all of them only do two things – a lot of kneel or a lot of kneel and some dominance stuff. Soft control is good. Tempo is good. Power gain is good. Baratheon is great. They still bore me.

14. Three is the right number for Even-Handed Justice. You have been warned.

15. This time out we whupped the Manners dudes. Then we all went out and drank and sang. Next time out, they’ll come with something new and beat us down. Then we’ll all go out and drink and sing. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

16. NY is the best tournament scene in America. California is the only one close. We have all the regular FFG sponsored stuff, plus numerous Dan/Roy/Dave productions that are better than anything FFG does. Every tournament is top-of-the-world-level play, with everyone playing their top decks. So Cal is amazing and as good at all of that, but due to our location, we get Canada, Boston, Jersey, and even DC representation. Plus, you know, drinks and singing.

17. The Eyrie will be broken by someone and piss me off. It should be bad, but it will be so annoyingly good. It’s the kind of 2nd Ed card that would be unplayable [in 1st Ed], except everything we used to know is wrong.

18. Winterfell Crypt is overrated. It’s a good card masquerading as a great one. Run 1, maybe 2. If you go all in, make sure your character base supports it.

19. Gen Con is coming! See you all soon!

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