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by Aaron Glazer

Welcome back, everyone! Darknoj and I have been listenning to requests, and one major request is more games per build. We got one more game in with the Greyjoy-Banner of the Lion. This build is a true tournament deck that Darknoj took to a top 4 at a Store Championship! The list is in the comments on the YouTube channel.


Next up, the new chapter pack, The King’s Peace was released! To celebrate it’s launch, New York’s Roy Rogers joined us to stream some games. Here we have two examples of a Tyrell- The Lord of the Crossing going off, and one of a Lannister-Lord of the Crossing doing great work. What do you think of the agenda after these two games?

Finally, we have an announcement. This week, we’ll be launching the Store Champion series! For this, we’ll be inviting SC winners from the previous week onto the stream to discuss their deck and then play against us. Tune in to Beyond the White Book to see real winners kick the butts of the two most opinionated podcasters!

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