Across the Narrow Sea – Episode 3

This time we welcome Helmut Hohberger and Daniel Göbl from Münich-Germany on to the show! Helmut Hohberger is a known Rules Lawyer and one of our most esteemed community members. Daniel Göbl the longest standing member of the German community …

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Should you provide extra prize support?

by Roy Rogers Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about prize support – partially because we just held a Store Championship here a week or two ago and I am running another in New York City soon but also because …

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Two Guys, One Deck: Greyjoy Lion

Welcome to another Two Guys, One Deck. This week we put together a Greyjoy deck for the first time together. We also had this conversation over two weeks ago and forgot to account for the new cards coming in The King’s Peace. So at the end I will comment on a couple adjustments we made once we realized our blunder.

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Taking the White: Lord of the Crossing, Pt. 2

You may recall on the previous installment of Taking the White I talked about Tyrell fealty as an impending powerhouse deck, this week I bring an update on my pet project rush deck and have a brief tournament report from an SC I took second in with the deck.

The store was my own local game store in Madison WI so in addition to playing in the tournament I was the TO. In light of this I decided to play something fast so I could finish my games quickly and be able to enter scores, make rulings, etc. The Tyrell Lords of the Crossing deck I played is a slightly slower and more versatile version of an earlier Crossing build I made which I consider to be the fastest rush deck in the current meta.

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