Across the Narrow Sea – Episode 3

This time we welcome Helmut Hohberger and Daniel Göbl from Münich-Germany on to the show! Helmut Hohberger is a known Rules Lawyer and one of our most esteemed community members. Daniel Göbl the longest standing member of the German community but unknown to most. We talk a little about their own history in the game of thrones and what made them first try it out. Then we move on to the creation and history of the German meta and touch on the subject of Stahleck. Did you know Daniel attended the very first one and has been to almost all of them since? We also talk about their thoughts on Second Edition from an Old School player’s perspective.

Next time we’re joined by the Czechs! Who are they you might ask.. I don’t know! Lets find out together.

* Sorry about my mic, I had it too sensitive and it picks up breathing. It is since resolved.

* 00:05 – Short intro & personal info

10:48 Moving on to Germany & Stahleck

40:34 Their thoughts on Second edition

Guests: Helmut Hohberger & Daniel Göbl

Hosts: Andreas “Buzz” Aldrin & Pontus Strimling

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