Beyond the White Book: An update with Aaron Glazer

by Aaron Glazer (Pulseglazer)

Hello, loyal (and new) listeners, readers and viewers.  Today, I’ll be sharing some videos with everyone from Beyond the White Book, a YouTube page run by Darknoj and me, Glazer.  We’re quite low-tech – we just build decks on a stream through ThronesDB and play them together on OCTGN, but we are both known, quality players who voice our opinions on two of the most well-known AGOT LCG podcasts (Beyond the Wall and The White Book), so, hopefully, despite being rather simple in presentation, viewers get a bit of a competitive edge.

First up, we have a new flavor for Lannister: Banner of the Kraken.  I really think this can and will be a major archetype going forward.  Unlike most Lannister, this version generally wants to go first.  It uses usual Lannister tricks but leverages Asha Greyjoy and the Raiding Longship for speed and kill events.  Those cards synergize particularly well with Ser Jaime Lannister and Cersei’s Wheelhouse.

Here’s our first game with the deck, where we, unfortunately, saw almost none of the combo pieces, but still managed a win thanks to regular Lannister tricks and a boatload of Stealth:

As a bonus, if you listen to Beyond the Wall’s episode last Monday, you heard Alex, Darknoj and New Yorker Dan Strouhal build a Night’s Watch Banner of the Lion deck.  Dan took that same deck to the top of Swiss in the wildly competitive Boston Winds of Winter Tournament.  Here’s him stomping me and Jon with that same deck:

Finally, for our less competitive friends, we’ve built, with Roy Rogers from NY, the best Jon Snow deck we could.  Warning, this one is untested!

Thanks for watching!  Finally, this Tuesday 2/16/16, Darknoj, Patrick, Roy, and I will be live building YOUR requests over on Twitch at  And, as always, all of those builds can be found after that at the YouTube page, Beyond the White Book.


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