Red Saturday Winner Tournament Report

The Deck Itself:

Round 1 – vs. Ian’s Targaryen Fealty – Ian told me he was new, which left me fairly confident.  T1, I treachery a Kingsoad,then I treachery a 0 reducer.  Danny would have to wait a turn, and so, first turn, I got out well ahead. I got Left and Right out with a Widow’s Wail on one, and, eventually, Margaery Tyrell to pump strength. Add in a huge Tywin with Seal and it was basically over. I ran Jaime into a Dracarys to get rid of it early.  That’s a key point – try and get at least one Dracarys out early where you want it, so you aren’t a hostage of it’s potential impact later.  I think this was Ian’s only loss until the finals.

Round 2 – vs. A player I don’t recall playing Stark Banter Sun (sorry about the name!).  Margaery with a Seal and Randyll Tarly out by T1 won me the game. I ran Tywin into a Warm Rain, but he had just hit the board and Randyll closed.

Round 3 -vs. David Playing Lannister banter to Dragon… (David also eventually made the cut). He set up hard getting my ideal set up of Tywin Lannister, Lannisport Merchant, Roseroad.  I set up okay, like four decent cards, but nothing special.  He Marshals first against my Calm Over Westeros, plays out Magister Illyrio and most of his hand. I can either play Jaime Lannister into that typhoon andstrapin for a long game or Varys and hope he lacks Put to the Sword or Treachery.  Rule #1 – Make him have it. He didn’t have either, so I wiped his board, then got like… everything out.

Round 4 – vs. Sandy’s Targaryen Banter Stag. I’ve been drinking now, so of course I play Sandy with his self made Targaryen Banter to Stag  I get a Margary Tryell and Tywin Lannister (keeping a two card set up of Tywin and a chud) out early with a Seal of the Hand on Tywin.  That turns off Baratheon’s kneel and Targaryen’s burn. I win.

Round 5 – vs. Darknoj’s Tyrell to Lion. He sets up Margaery Tyrelland Knight of Flowers, so KOF gets Marched to the Wall. He sees Margaery duped, Randyll Tarly duped and Heartsbane by turn 2. Shit. I see good cards, but no Tywin Lannister.  He has Mander and sees a Pleasure Barge for huge card advantage.  I struggle, but stabilize, outplaying Jon for a bit to end up 12-12 on power about to go to time.  Both of us are counting 30+ strength on power challenges for awhile, and I keep him first, firing out Left and Right. I’m even playing around a Highgarden. He offers a tie, but a game this good deserves a winner. I have initiative and instantly say first without thinking, so my 2 renown can win the game on a power challenge (I ended up seeing Tywin, but never Jaime). Ugh… Highgarden. I realize my misspeak a moment later, Jon says “no backsies.”   I can still force and gain a mod win by defending his challenges and claiming dominance, but I messed up, so I run face first into Jon so he gets the full win.

Round 6 – vs. Dave Stromes Martell Lion – Rolls my face… particularly, Things I Do For Love is a nightmare. Keeps board small, Marches me, and I run face first into 2-7-1. Bad. I decide to sober up for the cut.

Quarterfinals – vs. Stromes again. I decide to play more defensively. I basically get the whole crew out, Tywin, Randyl, Margaery, Tyrion…  Renown, defend, wait…win.


Semi-Finals – vs.Sean Emberly and his Greyjoy Sun. We both saw everyone. He got Euron and shortly after, Balon. I was able to defend enough to stop his Support of the People challenges when he had gold, and I saw Tywin Lannister, The Hound, Randyll Tarly, and Margaery Tyrell.  Euron was able to grab my Lannisport by discarding it from the top and a bunch of freaking Kingsroads, weirdly a far less deadly move than I expected.  I slowly got power and denied unopposed, for which the Hound is specially key.  He got all 3 of the plus two pumps for Balon, but no Seastone Chair or stealth granting for him. He got flustered when I didn’t let him use the draw from my location after claim and pillage.  He went first next, could get to 14 power, but stall there, while my Renown guys could close at 15. He tried a military to close knowing I could block but may have to kill someone important. Defend Tywin, Hound, Randyll – 13 becomes 15.

Finals vs. Ian’s Targaryen Fealty- Well, I guess my first round new player was good. I won basically because I had a Treachery for his Varys.  He had a huge hand all game, but was short resources, and I used Left, Right, Randyll and Margaery to keep control to the point where he actually blew a Tears of Lys on Left towards the end of the game.  Renown closes, as without a board clear, he could never quite catch up.

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Rob St. John

Thanks for the tourney report Aaron. Congrats on the win!