9 thoughts on “The White Book S7E02- 226”

  1. Since the cast is running late, I thought I’d post the first big question from it: What deck should I banner to from Lannister for Red Saturday? I’m definitely doing Lannister main house, and am looking for votes on what to do with a Banner. Vote in the comments below here, on Whitebookpodcast,com, or e-mail me at [email protected] – oh, and one thing, I won’t be bannering NW, but literally any other house is acceptable, so vote away!

  2. How about a Greyjoy Banner, add some aggro to Lanni, and The Things I do for Love can help get some unopposed challenges. The shipwright is always good for controlling locations, and Risen helps with some soak.

    A 12 card set could look something like

    3x Shipwright
    3x Theon
    2x Asha
    3x Fishmonger
    2x Risen from the Sea
    2x Throwing Axe

  3. You should try banner of the Stag. I’ve been playing around with it and it’s a really solid control deck. I haven’t had a chance to test too much but so far it essentially plays like a more consistent Bara fealty. Tywin is obviously a boss and can fuel playing Davos multiple times, Lanni has a very consistent draw engine and kind find the R’hllor pieces really easily, chamber of the painted table can help you close, plus kneel is always good.

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