Meme Contest!

Hey guys, we want to steal a page from our friends at Cardboard of the Rings and host a meme contest to kick off December! Submit your best AGOT Winter themed memes by emailing them in to [email protected]!

We’re going to accept meme submissions until December 14th, then we’re going to post them as a gallery to the Facebook page here, where they’ll be voted on by you, the listeners, via likes! December 25th will draw voting to a close and the winner will get one of the sweet Winter 2014 deck boxes with Ygritte art!

As for the memes themselves, have fun! AgoT game, book, or show themed! Actually, for bonus points, they could even be podcast themed! Feel free to use any of the standard meme generators and drop in some witty text to pics from the show, or go wild and invent something with Willy Wonk, Fry, The Most Interesting Man in the World, or whatever your heart desires!

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