Event Submission Guide

I’ve had some requests for folks for a guide on how to submit events here to the site so that people can list and find game nights and tournaments, so here’s a visual guide to this handy feature of the site. Due to the photos, I apologize for the overall length of the post.

Once you’re logged in to the site, you’ll follow these 10 steps.

  1. Find the Event menu at the top and select Submit Event.

part 1

   2.  Next you’ll want to list the name of your event, particularly if it’s a tournament as players often nickname them with fun, thematic names.

part 2

    3. Next you’ll click in the “From” box, which will cause a pop up calendar to appear so that you can select the day of the event.

part 3

  4. Now click in the “to” box and another pop-up calendar will appear. Select the same day if the event is only a single day, or if it lasts several such as a convention, be sure to select the last day of the event.

part 4

5. Make sure you note the times for the event so that people know when to show up.

part 6

6. Here you’ll type the name of the location the event is being held. This will generally be the name of the local game store hosting the event.

part 7

7. Enter all of the appropriate address information for the location. This will pull up a Google Maps selection to show you. Once the event is listed, players searching the site will be able to see and utilize that Google Maps data as well.

part 8

8. In the “Details” field, you can enter a variety of useful bits of information for players planning on coming to your event like special variant rules or entry fees.

part 9

9.  Select “Game Night” or “Tournament” to give players a heads up on what type of event this is. Players will also be able to find event listings based on this tag.

part 10

9. Feel free to upload a snazzy logo or small pic of the game store as a photo to draw attention to the event!

part 11

10. Last, but not least, make sure you submit the event!

part 12

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