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The White Book S6E3- 213 – The White Book

6 thoughts on “The White Book S6E3- 213”

  1. Awesome podcast. Newer player here, recently started listening to your podcast and figured i’d give my cents(not sure how many i have left) on your reviews. I’m trying to get involved more in the community as I’ve been more active on Agotcards.

    I agreed or had the same take on most of the cards but had a different view on a few. Wasn’t sure to talk here or facebook but didn’t see this up on facebook.

    Winter is coming: is cool b/c its once per challenge not phase, so Storm of Swords could have 4 claim.

    Like Warm Rain: i actually think you don’t want more direwolves who are awesome. I feel like this card is made perfectly for the Pup. If your wolves are awesome and so something you’re probably using them for that. Like GW, you probably want to kill and then use Pup to kill on int. Course you could get more direwolves like Summer who have come into or leave play effects and such things like that.

    Cat: i think she should have been an A, wasn’t Brienne. Block with her, Like Warm Rain can’t be cancelled. Syrios training means they can use Throwing Axe, Put to the Sword, or they can’t stop your Ice or Put to the Sword. I just think she’s amazing.

    Bran: I think Bran is perfect. A solid B. the point is to have them there so your opp. has to decide which event is getting cancelled. Your probably going first in stark and so you Sacrifice stand all your dudes, maybe GW is eating twice. I feel like its like having Varys on the board in terms of when will i do it(of course Varys has a much bigger impact). And Bran can be brought back. Not saying he’s the best thing, but I think anything that makes your opp. change his game plan is good to me. Felt like he was dismissed if he has Insight, but Sam is only 1 str. And later there was a comment made about having the reducer guy make chump challenge and dude with Robert has to decide, same applies here and you’d get to draw a card.

    My thoughts are probably way off(lol) as I don’t have near as much experience and understanding of the game, but I’m liking getting more involved to hear others takes and insight(pun intended). Like i just found Josh Staton’s stream and him and I have been talking and I’ll give some thoughts and he’ll break it down on how it fits in the game/board state and such and its really helpful for me.

    Awesome cast, can’t wait for the next one. thanks for what you do
    jeremy or kidohearts

  2. Oh and I feel like Ice should cost 2. All of the other faction attachments cost 2 or less and they are repeatable effects, esp. Khal’s sword. And Seal of the Hand cost 3 and that’s a very powerful repeatable effect.

  3. Jeremy, glad to hear you’re enjoying the show and to see you jumping in to participate in the discussion here!

    Overall, I agree that Like Warm Rain is going to be the best with smaller “chud” wolves like the pups, but I’m a little wary of relying too much on them for that since they’re not very efficient otherwise. Plus, if we’re running a large enough direwolf package to make that all worth it, I’m a little worried about our overall icon spread in the deck. We’ll be very, very heavily military skewed.

    As well, don’t worry at all about getting out here and stating some thoughts and opinions on cards. Especially with the fresh start to the game, a lot of assumptions about what is and isn’t good will need to be re-examined and challenged. As long as we’re all having a good time interacting and talking, so much the better!

    Plus, yeah, Bran is a very solid card.

  4. I do have to say that I wouldn’t mind them using attachments a bit more like they are in LotR. They’re viable centerpiece type of cards there, compared to AGOT most of the time.

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