Iron Price Invitational 2015 Video Series

Hello fellow fans of Game of Thrones the Card Game,

I am Rob St. John, a Game of Thrones Card Game player from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. I have been playing Game of Thrones the card game for 2.5 years and am excited for 2nd edition to hit the scene. I recently held a small, 6 player tournament at in my home for Game of Thrones 2nd Edition at the request of my local meta. We played 3 swiss rounds and cut to a top 4 elimination. It was strictly for fun and an excuse to build some decks with our core sets we nabbed at GenCon 2015 and play some games. I took the opportunity to record all the games and will be posting them as a series for those that are interested in watching some Game of Thrones 2nd Edition played while we wait for the wide release.

Click the link below to jump to the growing playlist of the series on YouTube. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel be notified of future games. Also, feedback in the comments of the videos is always appreciated, good or constructive. I have posted many other Game of Thrones LCG videos too, so be sure to check those out! Feel free to share my videos to help spread the word about this awesome game and grow the community.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

Iron Price 2015 YouTube Playlist Link:

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