Faction: Tyrell

Agenda: Banner of the Lion

Plots (7)

1x  Calling the Banners (Core Set)
1x  Calm Over Westeros (Core Set)
1x  Confiscation (Core Set)
1x  Marched to the Wall (Core Set)
1x  Taxation (Core Set)
1x  The Winds of Winter (Core Set)
1x  Wildfire Assault (Core Set)

Characters (32)

3x  Burned Men (Core Set)
3x  Garden Caretaker (Core Set)
1x  Lannisport Merchant (Core Set)
2x  Lannisport Moneylender (Core Set)
2x  Littlefinger (Core Set)
1x  Maester Lomys (Core Set)
3x  Margaery Tyrell (Core Set)
2x  Olenna’s Informant (Core Set)
1x  Paxter Redwyne (Core Set)
3x  Randyll Tarly (Core Set)
1x  Ser Jaime Lannister (Core Set)
2x  The Hound (Taking the Black)
2x  The Knight of Flowers (Core Set)
1x  The Tickler (Core Set)
3x  Tyrion Lannister (Core Set)
2x  Wardens of the Reach (Core Set)

Attachments (6)

1x  Heartsbane (Core Set)
2x  Milk of the Poppy (Core Set)
2x  Seal of the Hand (Core Set)
1x  Widow’s Wail (Core Set)

Locations (14)

1x  Highgarden (Core Set)
2x  Pleasure Barge (Taking the Black)
3x  Rose Garden (Core Set)
3x  The Kingsroad (Core Set)
2x  The Mander (Core Set)
3x  The Roseroad (Core Set)

Events (9)

1x  “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” (Core Set)
2x  Put to the Sword (Core Set)
2x  Support of the People (Taking the Black)
2x  Tears of Lys (Core Set)
2x  The Hand’s Judgment (Core Set)