Faction: Baratheon
Agenda: Banner of the Lion

Plots (7)
2x A Noble Cause
1x A Clash of Kings
1x A Feast for Crows
1x Here To Serve
1x Sneak Attack
1x Summons

Characters (32)
3x Robert Baratheon
3x Renly Baratheon
3x Tyrion Lannister
3x Jamie Lannister
3x The Hound
1x Selyse Baratheon
2x Shireen Baratheon
2x Gold Cloaks
3x Dragonstone Faithful
2x Lannisport Moneylender
2x Littlefinger
2x Rattleshirt’s Raiders
2x Maester Cressen
1x Ser Davos Seaworth

Locations (15)
3x The Roseroad
3x The Kingsroad
3x Dragonstone Port
2x Street of Sisters
2x Iron Throne
2x Red Keep

Attachments (6)
2x King Roberts Warhammer
2x Widows Wail
2x Bodyguard

Events (6)
3x Ours Is the Fury
3x Superior Claim