1x House Targaryen
1x Fealty
1x A Noble Cause
1x Summons
1x Heads on Spikes
1x Calling the Banners
1x Power Behind the Throne
1x Wildfire Assault
1x Confiscation
3x Targaryen Loyalist
2x Viserys Targaryen
3x Viserion
3x Ser Jorah Mormont
3x Handmaiden
2x Braided Warrior
3x Rhaegal
3x Drogon
3x Unsullied
2x Magister Illyrio
2x Littlefinger
2x Khal Drogo
1x Varys
3x Daenerys Targaryen
3x The Roseroad
3x The Kingsroad
3x Illyrio’s Estate
2x Plaza of Punishment
3x Milk of the Poppy
1x Seal of the Hand
3x Waking the Dragon
2x Fire and Blood
3x Dracarys!
2x Put to the Torch*

*This was a last minute change from Tears of Lys in an attempt to tech against Bara locations like The Red Keep and especially Chamber of the Painted Table. I never found a useful spot for them on the day, and while they didn’t ruin the deck, Tears of Lys or Hand’s Judgement would probably be better.