calm over westerns
marched to the wall
calling the banners
a noble cause

3x illyrios estate
3x kingsroad
3x roseroad
2x plaza of punishment

1x khal drogo
3x targ loyalist
1x rattleshirt raiders
3x danny
3x rhaegal
2x viserion
2x drogon
1x viserys
1x illyrio
1x littlefinger
3x garden caretaker
3x handmaiden
3x marge
3x courtesan of the rose
1x knight of flowers
2x ser jorah mormont

2x seal of the hand
2x syrio’s training
2x milk of the poppy

2x fire and blood
3x dracarys
2x tears of lys
2x hands judgment
2x bear and the maiden fair