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Will is a longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy who first discovered the AGOT CCG in the fall of 2002, shortly after reading the first three novels that summer. He was instantly hooked and playing the game has been his competitive outlet every since. He cofounded 2 Champs and a Chump (now The White Book) in 2010 and since took over the show completely. His favorite faction is House Lannister and at heart he's a Shagga player in joust and a Queen of Thorns in melee.

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  1. Apologies for the audio. I’ve heard from a couple folks that the change in bitrate down a notch was noticeable. I was looking at saving a little hosting space, so we’ll see what we can do in the future. As well, recording via Hangouts instead of Skype might clear up some of the initial audio.

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