From the Shadows: First Player, Best Player?

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This week in From The Shadows we’re going to be looking at being first player and breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of being first player.  I feel I must warn readers that some of this article will get fairly heavy into the rules, you’ve been forewarned. 6805

The White Book S7E17- 241

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Will, Tommy and Roy make a big announcement about the pdocast, discuss the new tournament rules document, and announce a NY tournament. Music by: Spinozar Check out Discord in the sidebar.

The White Book S7E16- 240

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Will, Aaron, Greg, Tommy, and guest John Bruno talk new preview cards and start to touch on themes and mechanics the would like to see return to Second Edition. Our apologies for the short episode this week. Alas, we faced a multitude of technical difficulties this week. We've salvaged as

The House of Black and White: Introduction and Kneel

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In this article series, Kenno addresses some of the crafting and design aspects of A Game of Thrones: Second Edition by examining the relationship between current cards and 1.0 counterparts as well as by projecting how certain 1.0 cards and general mechanics may scale in the coming cycles. by Kenno   Introduction One of

The White Harbor Times: Champ Cards

by Lauren Fitch Champ Cards: What’s To Come? Welcome to this week’s installment of The White Harbor Times! In this article, I’ll be discussing champ cards – hat have we seen so far, and what could possibly be to come. If you’re a new player, you might be wondering, “What exactly is a champ

From the Shadows: The Importance of Plot Choice

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The Importance of Plot Choice “Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens” -Tywin Lannister These seven cards may be the most important seven cards you choose to include in your deck, yet I still see players (and have been guilty of myself) throwing in plots while uttering