The White Book S8E39 – 309

This week Will, Roy, and Scott talk about the new champ card article and then discuss silver bullets and sideboarding in relation to Thrones!

Music by Spinozar.

The White Book S8E300 – 300

This week the guys travel for time to celebrate episode 300. Featuring an interview with the present designer, Danny, future preview cards, and a blast from the past interview with GRRM himself.

Music by Spinozar


Also, if you want some laughs, check out a bad transcription of the GRRM interview audio!


Now with added preview cards!



The White Book S8E17 – 287

This week, Will, Roy, and Luke chat spoilers, introduce a segment on Wheels Within Wheels (bluffing and more), and hype upcoming events.

Music by Spinozar.

Check out the First Player Championship event page at the link and purchase your entry through our web store.

Thanks for bearing with me a bit this week guys as I’m traveling and attempting this all from my phone.


The White Book S8E13 – 283

The White Book S7E26- 250

This week, we bring you FFG and preview cards, what more can you want? Will, Greg, and Roy interview Michael Hurley about life and decisions behind the scenes at FFG.



The White Book – Spoiler Edition!

Hey guys, what with the wedding and all tomorrow, there’s no episode this week, which many of you know already. In the meantime, though, I have two brand spanking new Baratheon cards to drop on you! Have fun, be safe, and I love you all. -Will



The White Book S7E21- 245

bronn trial by combat

This week Team Left (Will, Aaron, Tommy, and Roy) take on the second half of the Wolves of the North while also previewing two new cards from the next CP!

Kennon’s Ebay

Wedding Page (At Aaron’s Request)