Yet More Indeterminate Numbers of Thoughts on Thrones…

by Aaron Glazer (Pulseglazer) & Greg Atkinson (dobbler) So, another Monday, another column needed (hint…you should be submitting content. Message Luke — eldub — on the boards or on FB). Our old friend, two-time world champion Greg Atkinson decided he liked … Read more

Second Sons, Episode 4: Around the World in 2.5 Hours

by Luke Wortley (eldub) Well, I guess now that they’re 4 episodes in, we have to consider these guys more than just a mistake; they’re far more than that — they’re a catastrophe. This week they sort of talk about … Read more

Two Guys, One Deck: Glazer goes to Cincinnati

This week we have the Inception edition of Two Guys, One Deck. Aaron meets up with Joe Habes (JoeFromCincinnati), co-host of the Wardens of the Midwest podcast, to discuss building a deck that’s not Night’s Watch. Aaron Hi!! Eating. Joe Sounds exciting. Aaron … Read more

What does it mean to be “competitive” in Thrones?

by Roy Rogers (fauxintel) The nature of competitive play has been one of the hottest topics in the Thrones community as of late. With the controversy over intentional draws, accusations of cheating and unfair scouting, and the “competitive post of … Read more

Beyond the White Book: An update with Aaron Glazer

by Aaron Glazer (Pulseglazer) Hello, loyal (and new) listeners, readers and viewers.  Today, I’ll be sharing some videos with everyone from Beyond the White Book, a YouTube page run by Darknoj and me, Glazer.  We’re quite low-tech – we just … Read more