The White Book S9E2 – 313

White Book Podcast

This week Will chats more World Champsionship impressions with guest host Jim and the two begin the House of Thorns review.

Music by Spinozar

The White Book S8E41 – 311

White Book Podcast

This week Will, Roy, and Kyle chat preview cards, the results of testing last week’s Tyrell Songs deck, and some pre worlds prep. And nary a peep is made about the band 311.   Music by Spinozar Podcast: … Read more


White Book Podcast

After technical difficulties with both Zencastr and our hosting company, we’re up! Sorry for the delay, folks. Team Glory (Will, Tommy, and Patrick) tackle deck building in a post Valar world with a Tyrell/Sun brew. Music by Spinzar. Green Eggs … Read more

Sungarden: The small, squishy characters deck

by James Waumsley (JCWamma) In the GenCon Meta (and, to a large extent, the current one), the way to succeed is to put out big, beefy guys and have more big, beefy guys than your opponent’s board of… you guessed … Read more