Nerdly Ned: Theme decks

by Luke Wortley (eldub)* First of all, please excuse my tardiness in doing a wrap-up of the first cycle with Characters; I’m still trying to hammer out exactly how I’m going to tackle each faction’s Nedliest characters. En lieu of … Read more

Second Sons, Episode 6: So, what’s the fourth worst house?

by Luke Wortley (eldub) Okay, it’s that time again…when I blurb this affront to humanity. In all seriousness, though, this episode is among the more redeemable…the amount of red beard is just amazing (Ryan and Buzz killin the game), and … Read more

Taking the White: Selection Inspection, pt. 3

by Patrick Haynes (patrickhaynes) After another short hiatus, Taking the White is back — this time with the final edition of our three-part miniseries. After examining the merits of the two mono-faction agendas for the other five factions, we have come … Read more

Yet More Indeterminate Numbers of Thoughts on Thrones…

by Aaron Glazer (Pulseglazer) & Greg Atkinson (dobbler) So, another Monday, another column needed (hint…you should be submitting content. Message Luke — eldub — on the boards or on FB). Our old friend, two-time world champion Greg Atkinson decided he liked … Read more

You’re Doing it Wrong: A Tourney Report — Kingdom Con 2016

by John Wright Preamble 1: Buzz Last time around I was told I wrote too much.  So, Buzz, just for you I’ve cut the Melee portion (the only event I won) from this tournament report.  You’re welcome.  Good luck making … Read more

The White Harbor Times: Dominance—The Fourth Challenge

by Lauren Fitch Hi everybody, and welcome to another installment of The White Harbor Times. This week we’ll be talking about something near and dear to my heart: House Baratheon! Specifically, we’ll be looking at the new dominance-focused cards in … Read more

The Seer and the Snake, Part 3

Hi everyone, I’m Steven Cantrell and I play Thrones in the Atlanta, Georgia area. After reading The Seer and the Snake Parts 1 and 2, I built my own variation of the deck, and despite not having played Baratheon much since Worlds, I enjoyed the deck enough to run it through the rigors of a Store Championship tournament.

And I’m Alex, I’ll be interjecting periodically (in italics to distinguish myself from Steven) because I’m editing this report and can’t help myself. Also, I want to continue The Snake and the Seer article with Steven’s Top 4 performance. Let’s continue looking at our iterative process for deck building and begin another round.

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