Surviving the Fighting Pits of Meereen

by Ruben Barnhoorn (Barnie25) It has been quite some time since I wrote an article – four months to be exact. The reasons as to why are quite varied: the delays with the release of new cards, not attending important tournaments, among others. But summer as come and gone; the long

Sungarden: The small, squishy characters deck

by James Waumsley (JCWamma) In the GenCon Meta (and, to a large extent, the current one), the way to succeed is to put out big, beefy guys and have more big, beefy guys than your opponent’s board of... you guessed it, big, beefy guys. The big, beefy guys will win challenges

Second Sons, Episode 4: Around the World in 2.5 Hours

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by Luke Wortley (eldub) Well, I guess now that they're 4 episodes in, we have to consider these guys more than just a mistake; they're far more than that -- they're a catastrophe. This week they sort of talk about tournament prep and then trash-talk half the world. Really, though, why did

Across the Narrow Sea – Episode 3

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This time we welcome Helmut Hohberger and Daniel Göbl from Münich-Germany on to the show! Helmut Hohberger is a known Rules Lawyer and one of our most esteemed community members. Daniel Göbl the longest standing member of the German community but unknown to most. We talk a little about their

Across the Narrow Sea- Episode 1.5

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For the first (video) episode I'm joined by Pontus who helps me exploring the minds of our Parisian friends. Vince and Thomas are both accomplished players in Europe and well known in the community. We talk about what defines the French community and see what they think about Melee in