The White Book S8E15 – 285

White Book Podcast

Hope this one sounds alright! We just got the file back from the editors. I hadn't had the chance to give it a proof listen, but wanted to hurry and get it out there for you all. This week, Will brings on guest Buz to chat about the books a bit

A New Path Forward – Fantasy Flight Games

Well guys, it looks like we have the sad announcement of another LCG death. Along with quite a few other games as well. Below is a snippet from FFG's announcement ending their Games Workshop partnership. In 2008, Fantasy Flight Games first began publishing great games set in the amazing Games Workshop

Second Sons, Episode 11: Post-GenCon Palooza

Fallback Image

by Luke Wortley (eldub) I would say that I have some interest in this episode, seeing as it's the first podcast (is it really a podcast, though?) appearance by North American Champion, Chris Schoenthal -- of the fabled SoCal meta. Additionally, as an added bonus(?), we get the other side of the