Wolf Rising: An Interview with Cameron Davisson, the King in the North

by Travis Pinter (14Shirt) Travis Pinter (14Shirt) is that one guy you’ve seen at tournaments but did not realize was him. He has been an AGOT player since 2012, is a wolf at heart, and always tries to keep his … Read more

A New Path Forward – Fantasy Flight Games

Well guys, it looks like we have the sad announcement of another LCG death. Along with quite a few other games as well. Below is a snippet from FFG’s announcement ending their Games Workshop partnership. In 2008, Fantasy Flight Games … Read more

Second Sons, Episode 11: Post-GenCon Palooza

by Luke Wortley (eldub) I would say that I have some interest in this episode, seeing as it’s the first podcast (is it really a podcast, though?) appearance by North American Champion, Chris Schoenthal — of the fabled SoCal meta. … Read more

On the Current Meta: Thoughts for now and for the future

by Patrick Haynes (patrickhaynes) I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the current state of the game and the meta at-large, so I thought I’d give my two cents. What’s good? Let’s start on a positive note and talk … Read more