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Coming to The White Book this week. #resets #whitebookpodcast #gameofthrones #got #agot #gameofthroneslcg #valarmorghulis

The White Book S9E16– 327

This week Team Kingsguard (Will, Tommy, and Scott) get out ahead of things and construct a Martell deck utilizing previewed cards from The Sands of Dorne.

Music by Spinozar

View the Deck on ThronesDB

The White Book S9E15– 326

Do be warned, this episode is a bit more language heavy than usual. Also, there’s more talking at the same time as other hosts than standard. Please bear with us while we work on getting into a rhythm with new hosts.


This week, Will, Aaron, Roy, and new addition to the cast, Jesse, talk another Sands of Dorne preview article and have a hypothetical gift giving game in Westeros. Which houses give which of their favorite (or not so favorite) cards to other houses?

Music by Spinozar

Preview cards from Sands of Dorne.

It’s preview time this week! #agot #got #gameofthrones #agotlcg

The White Book S9E14– 325

This week Will, Kyle, and Scott chat a bunch of FFG preview cards and two of our own from the upcoming Sands of Dorne!


Music by Spinozar


The White Book S9E12– 323

This week Will, Aaron, and Roy chat about some recent previews and take a look at analyzing the Store Championship meta at large.


Music by Spinozar