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The White Book S9E21– 332

Sorry for the delay folks, but on top of the busy-ness with Nationals last week, a portion of our audio from this episode turned out to be unusable. I hope you still enjoy a delayed, shortened TWB and a huge thanks to Drac’s Tokens for this week’s giveaway, which is also open to everyone, not just Patrons!

This week, Will, Kyle, and Scott chat a bit about Nationals and then will interviews Drac’s Tokens very own Chris!

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The White Book S9E19– 330

This week, mostly team Hedge Knight (Will, Aaron, Roy, and Jesse with a guest appearance by Scott) start part 1 of the Sands of Dorne review.

Music by Spinozar.

TWB Finances – 2017

Hello all! Time for an update on how finances for the show have gone in the past year. Attached here, you’ll find a snapshot of how things went for 2017 listing all of our income from Patreon and Sales of tokens and such here on the site. As well, you’ll note a number of expenses related in many ways to running the show or providing prizes to you, the community. We don’t take a cut for ourselves, though we do sometimes purchase a new headset or other equipment to help improve the quality of the cast.

Obviously, you can see what Patreon support is dropping (as they continue to drop in 2018) and that sales on the site are inconsistent, leading to a net loss for the year that would likely expand this year if matters were left as is. Correcting that is a matter of some importance to me, so that is why you’ll note we’ve made a number of changes already this year, including:

  • Revised Patreon rewards including weekly raffles. I’m hoping that this faster pace is both a better enticement for fans and easier for me to track and keep up with in a timely fashion.
  • Enhanced interactivity. You’ll notice the cast has been more active on Patreon and Instagram, while also setting up a Patrons Facebook group for discussion and feedback.
  • Cost Cutting. We’ve just completed a hosting change from Bluehost to a2, which appears to be a reasonable increase in speed and a huge boon in pricing compared to the WordPress Optomized VPS that I once thought we needed at Bluehost. In that regard, we’ve also dropped MaxCDN as it seemed unnecessary.

Thank you all listeners, Patron, and AGoT players for the support over the years. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or comments regarding the show, our financials, and our engagement efforts, please let us know.

The White Book S9E18– 329

This week Team Kingsguard (Will and Scott) are joined by Jesse to chat Canadian Nats, bad news about US Nats, and Scott’s winning Starpike deck. Note, this was recorded pre-restricted list announcement.


Music by Spinozar.


The White Book S9E17– 328

This week Team Hedge Knight (Will, Aaron, Roy, and Jesse) give out our first new Patreon reward and spend some time talking reset cards including which ones qualify and how to utilize their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

Music by Spinozar