Meme Contest 2018

It’s that time of year again! The 2018 meme contest! Here’s how it works: Send us a direct message on Facebook or email the image to by January 22, 2018. We’ll collect the images and post them to a gallery here on our FB page. Then, you, the listeners and fans will have until … Read moreMeme Contest 2018

A Quick View on the Changes in Melee for Stahleck 2017

  This article aims to provide a quick glance at changes proposed for Stahleck. It is a purely personal view of the matter. Since I want to discuss the change broadly, I will be talking about things like the impact of the restrict list, the philosophy and the process behind it. In order to organize … Read moreA Quick View on the Changes in Melee for Stahleck 2017

Plot Rehab: The King’s Peace

You know the feeling. You’re building a new deck, excited to try out some new ideas, and you’ve built your cool new plot deck… except you’ve forgotten that one plot that you always need to include. Oh, and that one too. It’s not exciting, but you just can’t justify ignoring the staples. By the time … Read morePlot Rehab: The King’s Peace