New to the Show? New to the Game? : A TWB Guide

Hey all, I know the game is going through an influx of new blood at the moment with the recent unfortunate announcement of the end of Android: Netrunner. There have been several folks asking for good starting points and information, … Read more

A Quick View on the Changes in Melee for Stahleck 2017

  This article aims to provide a quick glance at changes proposed for Stahleck. It is a purely personal view of the matter. Since I want to discuss the change broadly, I will be talking about things like the impact … Read more

Melee Rules Update

Announcement of changes to the Melee rules   Greetings, Thronesers! Without specific rules documentation available for the Melee format of A Game of Thrones 2nd edition, a group of Melee veterans and enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to craft … Read more

Announcing IoWorlds 2017

When FFG decided last year to make attending their world championships a challenge, both from a financial and vacation standpoint, my wife and I decided that we just could not afford to go to Minneapolis. This was a tough decision … Read more