Melee Rules Update

Announcement of changes to the Melee rules   Greetings, Thronesers! Without specific rules documentation available for the Melee format of A Game of Thrones 2nd edition, a group of Melee veterans and enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to craft some new Melee rules. These rules are of course not official in

Announcing IoWorlds 2017

When FFG decided last year to make attending their world championships a challenge, both from a financial and vacation standpoint, my wife and I decided that we just could not afford to go to Minneapolis. This was a tough decision for us, so we began to look for something to do

2017 Podcast Awards

Big news, we're up for a possible podcast award! Please, please, please head over to the site and take the time to give us a nomination vote! 2017 Podcast Awards

LOL Melee?

First of all, I must say it doesn't feel right to be writing an article. I should be reading articles instead of trying to write one. And guess what, I do read them. I consume every single aspect of this Game of Thrones card game and I can say I

The Gauntlet – Introductions

Chris: Greetings and welcome to The Gauntlet, a new deck-challenge series on The White Book.  Every month we, your gentle, genial gauntleteers Chris and Patrick, will be doing everything one can do to a gauntlet.  We will throw gauntlets, we will run gauntlets and, finally, we will gird gauntlets in