GenCon Wrap-up: Preparing for a tournament

by John Wright (handshaker6) A couple weeks ago was GenCon. Hopefully by now you know the happy result: Chris Schoenthal won the North American Championship using a Lannister Banner of the Dragon deck, which had been run through the SoCal testing wringer until it was in championship form. I’ve been trying to

Green Dreamers, Episode 3: National Champ vs. National Champ

by Luke Wortley (eldub) This week, Green Dreamers is finally back with a special feature episode. The matchup speaks for itself: Lannister-Banner of the Dragon vs. Stark-Fealty. It's a meta-defining matchup with two decks that are clearly top-level builds. However, what really matters here is the players. We have two players from the Columbus,

Second Edition Cube List

Fallback Image

Until we get the nesting of our pages updated (where the list will be maintained and readily available with the release of new cards), we will confine the cube list to this post.  Cube List for A Game of Thrones LCG Second Edition Packs Required: 2x Core Set 1x Wolves of the North Deluxe