A Quick View on the Changes in Melee for Stahleck 2017

  This article aims to provide a quick glance at changes proposed for Stahleck. It is a purely personal view of the matter. Since I want to discuss the change broadly, I will be talking about things like the impact … Read more

New Kingdom Regulations – Fantasy Flight Games

New tournament regulations are out and boy are they a doozy! Ok, actually, I’m surprised they released a document with this little updated in it. Read more from Fantasy Flight Games below.+   The latest version of the A Game … Read more

2017 November Track Regionals – Fantasy Flight Games

Information on Regional applications are up over at Fantasy Flight Games! Make sure you take a look and check out the whole article for more information on the setup this year. Also, yes, AGOT is a November track game!   … Read more

Surviving the Fighting Pits of Meereen

by Ruben Barnhoorn (Barnie25) It has been quite some time since I wrote an article – four months to be exact. The reasons as to why are quite varied: the delays with the release of new cards, not attending important … Read more

Special Boxed GoT 20th Anniversary edition – via GRRM

Looks like George RR Martin has a very special announcement! Check it out below! *This Message has been brought to you by the Minions of Fevre River*We’re happy to announce in conjunction with Random House publishing and other amazing licensee’s … Read more

Wolf Rising: An Interview with Cameron Davisson, the King in the North

by Travis Pinter (14Shirt) Travis Pinter (14Shirt) is that one guy you’ve seen at tournaments but did not realize was him. He has been an AGOT player since 2012, is a wolf at heart, and always tries to keep his … Read more