Announcing IoWorlds 2017

When FFG decided last year to make attending their world championships a challenge, both from a financial and vacation standpoint, my wife and I decided that we just could not afford to go to Minneapolis. This was a tough decision for us, so we began to look for something to do as a “consolation prize” of sorts. Upon seeing that several others in the community had reached the same difficult conclusion, we decided to plan the first IoWorlds.

The IoWorlds tournament looks to provide top level competition, along with the best prize support we can muster, in an event that is much easier to attend. Last year’s tournament was a smashing success, with several world champions in attendance, well received prize-support, and a rowdy after party. Our first champion, former NA champion Chris Schoenthal, even drove down from attending World Championship Weekend earlier in the week. This year, we look to expand IoWorlds into an even larger and more convenient event. With our new home, hosting a large event in one location is now possible,in the same vein as “ChiCon” or “Thrones W.A.R.”. Also, being 2 blocks from downtown, several venues are available should the tournament need to expand due to turnout. Either way, IoWorlds looks to create a weekend that is just as fun as worlds, without the need for players to spend tons of cash and use up all their vacation.


I am happy to announce that this year’s “IoWorlds” is officially open for business. At the link below, you can register and/or find out about the weekend that Worlds should be. Feel free to look around, and we hope to see you there!

As a way to help fundraise for prize support, all of our merch is available to buy even if you can’t attend! Select the “I only want a shirt” or “I only want cards” from the badges page. All items already include tax and shipping!

Below is a pic of the shirts. I’d love to see these all over at future tournaments. Let’s stop getting “Ley’d”

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