Green Dreamers, Episode 3: National Champ vs. National Champ

by Luke Wortley (eldub)

This week, Green Dreamers is finally back with a special feature episode. The matchup speaks for itself: Lannister-Banner of the Dragon vs. Stark-Fealty. It’s a meta-defining matchup with two decks that are clearly top-level builds.

However, what really matters here is the players. We have two players from the Columbus, Ohio meta (I told yall that those guys are good…) who swept US Nationals, keeping the crown in Columbus in both Joust and Melee for the first Origins of Second Edition.

Seriously, if you’re still doubting whether or not good players come from the midwest, go to Columbus and play some Thrones. They’ve got 2 National Champs and a bunch of Regional swag…

At any rate, here’s the newest episode of Green Dreamers, featuring Nate Tarantelli (Stark-Fealty, 2016 US National Champion — Joust) vs. Ryan Erichsen (Lannister-Dragon, 2016 US National Champion — Melee).*


*It’s also worth noting that Ryan made Top 8 in Joust, finishing King of Swiss and that Tyler Hockman (Indianapolis Regional Champion, also made the Top 8).

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