Second Sons, Episode 6: So, what’s the fourth worst house?

by Luke Wortley (eldub)

Okay, it’s that time again…when I blurb this affront to humanity.

In all seriousness, though, this episode is among the more redeemable…the amount of red beard is just amazing (Ryan and Buzz killin the game), and we have Craven from Banter Behind the Throne (need I say more?).

Given the recent controversy in Missouri, the first hour is dedicated to a discussion of tournament etiquette, Tagore, and, of course, deck-checks. Yet despite all the opportunity for devolution into more base behavior, the fellas are remarkably well mannered and also drop a disappointingly low number of D.C. slights.

True to form, however, the Second Sons devolve into squabbling hens as soon as the opportunity for real, meta-defining discussion arises.

Listen for a ranking of factions from worst to first and a wrap-up of the Westeros Cycle.

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