Second Sons, Episode 4: Around the World in 2.5 Hours

by Luke Wortley (eldub)

Well, I guess now that they’re 4 episodes in, we have to consider these guys more than just a mistake; they’re far more than that — they’re a catastrophe. This week they sort of talk about tournament prep and then trash-talk half the world.

Really, though, why did they start this cast again? I honestly don’t remember. All I know is that I make an appearance on this week’s episode and take a beating for being born in a particular part of the country. Sorry for me making all the sound issues that everyone was complaining about. Buzz and I figured out it was actually my computer fan.

At any rate, I ended up winning a decent chunk of change on the Derby, so yall can suck my sweet potato.

The real question, in my opinion: When are they going to get drunk enough to serenade the 8 people that actually watch this videocast?

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Luke hails from the Bluegrass-covered hills of Kentucky horse country, says yall a lot, and can whip up a fried chicken that’ll make a tomcat smack a bulldog. Luke came from a healthcare family in rural Kentucky and originally wanted to be av radiologist…until he had a few concussions and forgot calculus for a few months. In response, he started playing with words. He holds a B.A. in Spanish and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. He teaches at an inner-city high school in Indianapolis and plays Thrones around the Midwest.