Second Sons, Episode 3: Review of Calm Over Westeros

by Luke Wortley (eldub) Yeah, so, they seem to have plans to keep doing this video/podcast or whatever you call this trash. This week we have The White Book‘s very own Patrick Haynes as a guest to talk about mass murder. … Read more

What does it mean to be “competitive” in Thrones?

by Roy Rogers (fauxintel) The nature of competitive play has been one of the hottest topics in the Thrones community as of late. With the controversy over intentional draws, accusations of cheating and unfair scouting, and the “competitive post of … Read more

Two Guys, One Deck: Martell Rose

by Alex Kern (agktmte) and Aaron Glazer (PulseGlazer) It’s been a while, but we have returned! This time around Aaron and I will be revisiting an old idea, and we’ll see if it can work in this Lannister and aggro-dominant … Read more

Taking the White: Selection Inspection, pt. 2

by Patrick Haynes (patrickhaynes) Hello once again, everyone! Apologies for the slight hiatus, but Taking the White is back and we’re picking up where we left off. Last time we analyzed the mono-faction potential of three factions: Lannister, Night’s Watch, … Read more

Fun and Competition…Not Mutually Exclusive

by John Wright “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” — Cersei Lannister For the past week or so, our little (well, not so little anymore) community has been having … Read more

The White Book S7E22- 246

This week Team Right (Will, Greg, Patrick and Luke) welcome guest Cameron to chat draft and melee in Thrones as well as announcing a contest for episode 250. Music by Spinozar Draft Rules Document Wedding registry, since my cohosts asked. … Read more

Choose Your Title – Melee Archetypes

There’s a longstanding tradition in the card gaming community for players to be divided into different personality archetypes to illustrate their different approaches to the game. For instance, where one player might only want the most effective cards, another player … Read more