The White Book S7E19- 243

Will, Aaron,Tommy, and Roy talk preview cards and then a special segment talking tournament etiquette with Nate French, Will, Greg, and Kristen! Music by Spinozar   Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts … Read more

The Future of Regional Championships?

by Roy Rogers What makes for a good Regional Championship season? Over the last few weeks Fantasy Flight Games has dumped a lot of information on us about the future of their Organized Play. FFG has separated Star Wars™ games … Read more

Two Guys, One Deck: Lannister Crossing

Welcome to a special edition of Two Guys, One Deck! I’ll be deviating from the typical conversation style because it’s going to be easier for me this time around. But rest assured, this is a result of Aaron and I having an extensive back and forth exchange. Also, we have a spoiler from Wolves of the North for you to salivate over!

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Taking the White: Selection Inspection, pt. 1

by Patrick Haynes (redviper187) With the card pool expanding many of us are starting to look more and more at mono-faction decks and their potential in the meta. The big question now becomes which agenda is best: Fealty or The Lord … Read more

You’re Doing it Wrong: Banner of the Sun

by John Wright House Martell is my favorite faction to play in Second Edition right now. I love that there is a potential trick you can pull out of your hand in almost every action window. Loading up 7-cost monsters … Read more

The White Book S7E18- 242

Will, Aaron, Roy, Luke, and Patrick review the latest chapter pack- No Middle Ground! Music by Spinozar   Apologies for the audio this week. After fighting technical difficulties for a couple hours, I did something I swore I would never … Read more

From the Shadows: First Player, Best Player?

This week in From The Shadows we’re going to be looking at being first player and breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of being first player.  I feel I must warn readers that some of this article will get fairly heavy into the rules, you’ve been forewarned.

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